Easily Create Your Own Draft Video Script

When watching a dazzling video, movie, or TV show, it is easy to overlook the total amount of work involved to achieve what you are consuming through your eyes and ears.  The same applies for each of the sales videos I have had the pleasure of producing over the past fifteen plus years.

In it’s simplest form, producing a quality video is a three step process that begins with writing a script.  The script is the foundation of any audio or video production, therefore the overall success of a video depends on the script.  It is for this reason that many of my clients have hired professional copywriters to produce their scripts, however there is good news for those who need a video on a tight budget.

Even if you don’t possess advanced writing skills, don’t be afraid of drafting a video script.  Because of the importance of the script, it’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed during the writing process.  Let me start by asking you a few questions that should build up your confidence…

Who is the most qualified person with regards to your business, product, or opportunity?  You!  So who better to draft out a script outline than, you?  That’s right… in the early stages of the script writing process, the focus need only to be on the key points.  Points that you know NEED to be included in your script, so simply begin by noting down those key points on paper or in a document on your computer.

The number of key points required depends on the desired length of your video.  Off the top of my head, I would suggest having a minimum of at least one key point for every 10 seconds of production.  Let’s use a two minute video as an example, so you’ll need to think of at least twelve key points to get started.

Once you have your key points, start at the top of your list and write at least one sentence about each point.  If you have difficulty writing sentences at this phase, try to list four to five sub-points or keywords about each key point.  As you work down through your list, you will gradually begin to see the shell of your script coming to fruition.

From there, continue to elaborate by adding more sentences and grouping sentences into paragraphs.  The final step of creating your draft script is to organize the paragraphs into a logical sequence such as Introduction, Core Content, Summary, and Call To Action.

Perhaps you have other employees or team members who can provide additional insight to your script.  If so, simply ask them to follow the same process, then review each and create a new master document containing only the best content.  This may even result in multiple quality script drafts which could be used for multiple video productions.

By following the easy steps outlined above, you can create your own draft video script.  At this point an experienced video developer (such as yours truly can review the script and make any obvious corrections, suggestions, or tweaks before moving along to the audio production/narration phase (which I will explain in my next blog post).

Don’t forget!  Video script content can be used many different ways such as, website content (blog posts), podcasts, webinars, or an email for your prospective customers.  These are just a few that come to mind.

Are you considering giving your marketing a boost by having a sales video produced?  If so, contact me anytime for a free 1-on-1 consultation.